Easy foot exercises

Your feet need as much care as the other parts of your body. Here are few exercises you can choose from to keep your feet healthy after a long day juggling your commute, job, and chores at home:


One of the best ways to maintain healthy feet is walking, since it’s low-impact and also has the added benefits that contribute to your overall health.


To help strengthen foot muscles and improve balance, pick up small objects with your toes, such as pebbles or socks. You can also scrunch a towel with your toes.


Wrap an elastic band around your toes to provide resistance. Stretch your toes against the band for five seconds, then release. Repeat five times for each foot. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from bunions or cramped toes. Another great option is to stand barefoot with your weight on your heels, then stretch your toes away from each other without lifting them up.


While seated, roll a frozen bottle of water under your heel and arch for 10-20 minutes per day to loosen up your arches and soothe your muscles.

Healthy feet care tips

Find the pinkish pimples like spots on your feet. If these pinkish pimples spots are present on your feet then it shows that your shoes or sandals are not according to your feet.

Wash your feet properly to get them healthy. After washing clean them specially the area between the thumb and the finger. Apply cream or Vaseline on your feet except the middle area of the thumb.

The dust damage our foot toe and make cracked on the toe skin. You should wash your feet twice daily and apply cream or Vaseline to get your feet healthy and moist.

Cut your feet nails properly. If you feel hardness in your feet then you should consult with your health care provider. For healthy feet do the daily exercises if you have got any problem then consult with specialist.

You should first clean your shoes before wearing and will wear the shoes within home and out side of the home. Used those slippers, sandals and shoes that are soft and give comfortable feel to your feet.

Don't dip you feet into water for long time because water make your skin soft and when you rub your feet skin would be wounded.
Don't use the any time of medicine or cosmetic on your feet.

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